“Feisty fire-headed pocket rocket “Broadway Baby

“Cynicism that could fell a rhino at 1000 paces. Like it.”

Al Murray


“A feisty comedy fireball of fun”

Time Out


“Went on to prove that she is also one of the funniest women in Britain as she enthralled us all with her feisty Wolverhampton wit.”

100% Biker Magazine


“If you only go and see one comedian in Edinburgh this year, make it Susan Murray you lazy b*stard”

Jeremy Hardy


“She has the mentality of a spiteful 14 yr old boy! Very admirable in a young lady!”

 Arthur Smith


“Susan Murray’s baffled everywoman persona cloaks a dry, intelligent wit.”

Stewart Lee



Reviews for ‘The Glottal Stops Here

( a comedy show about accents 2010)


“Susan Murray is delightful from start to finish in this well-thought out hour taking on the topic of accents: their evolution; their assumptions; their sheer hilarity….the material uniquely witty and insightful”

 FEST ***


“If you know your glottal stops from your epiglottis then you’ll love this show. If you don’t, you’ll love it just the same. Sure there’s a bit of linguistics, but that’s just an excuse to fill the rest of this ripping show with a wry look at life (particularly Murray’s), the universe and everything….Murray works the packed audience with skill”

The Stage “Must See”


“Mainstream success written all over her….brightly energetic, a real talent”       



Reviews for ‘Susan Murray’s Photo Booth

 ( a  comedy show about passport photos 2011)

“interesting and funny throughout. She is a bubbly personality and very likeable to boot

**** One4Review


“fascinating. At times touching, but most of the time humorous, this is a definite show to see if you enjoy observational comedy.”

**** Three Weeks


“thoughtful, energetic show. Murray is an able and warm raconteur.The tale of a stalker manages to be simultaneously hilarious and horrific.”

****The Skinny


“perky, punchy comic..compulsive listening, with a freakish visual twist” ***Fest


“It is actually hard to pick a high point of Murray’s show because it is so well crafted. However, her descriptions of some of the “randoms” will leave you wiping tears from your eyes”

Light House Media Centre


Reviews for “F*ckwit Club”

( a comedy show about idiots 2014)

“Susan Murray’s F*ckwit club likes to push a few barriers but within good reason for comedy” The List

“Murray had some excellent material, and fuckwittery’s a fun theme” Three Weeks

“Murray’s delivery is conversational and amiable..In terms of jokes.. a few surprise gems that caught unawares” Broadway Baby